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It’s the greatest story ever played in 90 seconds a day and you can get it right now from the official RuneScape: Idle Adventures Steam page in Early Access.

Create and take on the role of a curious, blue-skinned immortal of mysterious origins. Complete quests, earn loot, and interact with your favourite RuneScape characters. Discover the power of a new Ancient Artefact as you battle monsters, challenge the gods, and grow cabbages for local farmers.

It’s the perfect bite-sized morsel of adventuring, whenever you have a little bit of time to kill.

Better still, it’s completely free-to-play and all you need is a Steam account. Sounds like the real deal, eh? Well quit idling!


We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who took part in the closed beta which has now come to a close. Your feedback and enthusiasm were paramount in getting the game to where it is now. We hope you will enjoy sharing this wonderful blend of idle game and RPG-epicness with a wider community through early access.

As for everyone who has yet to try the game – your adventure is just a few clicks away!

The Idle Adventures Team

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Cant play till saturday, but i hope their is a feature were you earn resources / items for your main runescape account whilst your on the go with this game :)

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Final Knight
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I thought it was going to be a Mobile game. If its not, then I'm most likely not going to play it. Already play other things while on RS.

I havent payed much attention to this game, but if it is a mobile game app, then I'll get it for sure.

01-Sep-2016 17:20:12

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