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June is all about Menaphos, which is why Behind the Scenes is taking a break to make way for a new trailer.

Picking up where the Runefest teaser left off, you’ll follow Ozan for a sneaky peek inside. Watch on, and enjoy – the day when you’ll walk the Golden City’s streets youself is tantalisingly close.

The Month Ahead video returns next month for your fix of RuneScape content previews. Until then, have fun in Menaphos!

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I love Clans!

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See you on the other side... of Sophanem!

Edit: And I really like how Ozan was tied into the expansion; I wonder if a signature hero will be involved in each. :)

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Looks very good but i hope that whenever there is an expantion will this mean we are not getting a BTS for those months we get one. A little bummed we are not getting a BTS but mabe we can just get a quick post a few days before an update happens for this month and for the future ones.

03-Jun-2017 00:33:42

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