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Recovered from Double XP Weekend yet? Not so fast. Invention batch 2 launches today, so there's oodles still to sink your teeth into.

Invention Batch 2

Make way, make way! Invention batch 2 has arrived, and with it, some eagerly awaited additions and tweaks to our youngest skill.

Let's start with the big'un: machines. Brand new to Invention, these can be used to automate a selection of tasks slowly over time, even while you're offline. All you need to do is keep your generator topped up with divine charge. Talk about AFK.

You can have up to six of these - including duplicates - and each has two tiers. Plus, you'll get your own workshop to tinker away in, which can be found in the new room at the back of the Invention Guild. Here's what's on the menu:

  • The Alchemiser, which bestows your items with the gift of high alchemy, turning them to gold.

  • The Auto Disassembler, which breaks down your items into useful parts and components.

  • The Plank Maker, which turns your common or garden logs into beautiful planks.

  • The Partial Potion Producer, which whizzes up your herbs and pops them into vials. It won't make a complete potion, but it's a welcome time saver.

  • The Automatic Hide Tanner, which...yeah, you guessed it. It tans your hides to make leather.

  • Salivating over your keyboard? There's more...

    We're also introducing 12 new devices, many of which fill the post-level-99 gap rather snugly. At the risk of further whetting your appetites, here's a sneak peek:

  • The Separator, which removes gizmos from your equipment without damaging it (equipment must be at least level 15).

  • The Divine-O-Matic, which harvests energy - and memories if you're so inclined - while you train Divination and turns them into Divine Charge, which you can use to power your shiny, new machines.

  • Another thing: we've nabbed the Spring Cleaner and the Tight Springs from Treasure Hunter and added them to our growing device range. Both can be constructed at an Invention workbench - but first you've got to discover the blue prints!

    What else is there? Well, Invention batch 2 comes with a plethora of benefits for high-level augmented items - including drain rate reductions and, at level 20, an increased chance of perk activation. Plus, we've had our ears on the ground, and we've taken on some of your suggestions and made some important QOL tweaks:

  • We've removed inspiration. Gone. Finito!

  • Augmentors are now tradeable.

  • You can now hide the cogs on your augmented equipment (outside of PvP, anyway).

  • We reworked the 120 Invention emote to make it harder, better, faster, stronger.

  • Don't worry, it hasn't escaped our notice that all this is happening after Double XP Weekend. You'll still be able to get the 50% XP boost from blueprint discovery for the next two weeks.

    Patch Notes

    The patch notes for this week are on the lighter side as the team has collectively focused on delivering Invention batch 2. You can read them in the patch notes thread.


    We hope you enjoy your new playthings. Now go get tinkering!
    The RuneScape Team

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    18-Sep-2017 14:19:18

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    Looking good! Gonna enter the game now and see what I can make!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, but whoever made the Spring Cleaner able to be made through the skill is the REAL MVP!

    EDIT2: Apparently, you must exit and re-enter the Guild to make the Generator hotspot appear? Otherwise it bugs out...
    Oh, I almost forgot.
    Oh, I already forgot.

    18-Sep-2017 14:31:52 - Last edited on 18-Sep-2017 14:47:13 by Stinkowing



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    I'll play with the gizmos for the time being, but there seems to be no interface to build a generator. If there is anything obvious I am missing please let me know. Started the tutorials with Doc.

    Edit: I see it now. Must have just taken a long time to load.

    18-Sep-2017 14:41:20 - Last edited on 18-Sep-2017 14:43:54 by ZircronSwift

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    I have a question about perk activation for lvl 20 items.

    It seems that the perks you put on weapons wdo not have random activation (precise, equilibrium, aftershoock, dragonslayer, etc.). Therefore, the value of perk activation is low for lvl 20 weaps.

    However, the perks you put on armor do activate randomly (enhanced devoted, impatient, crackling, lucky, etc). If you use augmented t90 armor however, your armor will run out of charge before it gets to lvl 20. Therefore, it is pretty much impossible to lvl the highest tier power armors to lvl 20. So these perks don't activate more often either because you'll never have lvl 20 power armor.

    So perk activation of lvl 20 items seems to have almost no value for combat. Am I missing something?

    I do think the enhanced activation % for lvl 20 tools will be very nice.

    I just want to check that the intent of the perk activation enhancement was to focus on skilling and not combat.

    18-Sep-2017 14:42:45

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    Done all my blueprints... got 2 levels. Looking forward to checking the rest of this out tomorrow. :) Cheers.
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    18-Sep-2017 14:47:12



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    Seems to be a ton of people abusing some XP bug and getting 120 Invention... it's spamming the chat like crazy.
    Is it gonna be a rollback or mass ban then? I might steer clear of this update for now.

    18-Sep-2017 15:00:26

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