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What do I get with either the 3 or 6-month summer special package?

Snap up one of this year’s Summer Special packages and grab yourself 3 or 6 months of membership at a discounted price, as well as the perks below:

3-month Summer Special Package6-month Summer Special Package
Hellion ArmourHellion Armour
1 Premier Club Token
1 Extra Daily Key
VIP Forum / World Access
Monthly Prize Draw
Access to Premier Club Vault
Access to exclusive Premier Club Content
Access to exclusive forum badge

To learn more about how to access/use these perks, check out the How do I use the summer special perks section below.

Running from the 21st May 2018 to 15th July 2018, grab your preferred package right now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

I'm an existing Premier Club Gold user – can I purchase these packages?

As an existing premier club gold user, you have already got access to all the perks associated to this year’s summer special. Nevertheless, to reward the loyalty you have shown us, all existing premier club gold users will be given an additional premier club token free of charge, to use as you see fit! Gold members will receive this on the 21st May.

I pay a grandfathered rate for my membership – how does this work?

As an existing grandfather rate user, the amount you pay on average, annually, means that purchasing a summer special package would work out more expensive than your normal membership.

Nevertheless, you will be able to purchase either Summer Special package at the full asking price should you want to get your hands on those perks associated to the 3 or 6-month offerings.

Note that doing this will set up a new agreement (overriding your old one) but you’ll retain your loyalty rate when we rebill you after your membership ticks down to three days remaining.

What payment methods can I use to buy a summer special package?

You can buy this package with credit card, PayPal, or any other methods available to you via the payment basket. You can also use a red game card to select the 3 month package (the 6 month package isn’t available via game cards).

Of course, you can also buy it with in-game Bonds on RuneScape and Old School RuneScape (see below).

How do I buy a package with either RuneScape or Old School Bonds?

3-month Summer Special Package6-month Summer Special Package
5 RuneScape or Old School Bonds10 RuneScape or Old School Bonds

To grab your package with Bonds, ensure you the required Bonds in your inventory, bank or Bonds pouch, and then click to redeem one. Head to the membership packages, then select the Summer Special package. Click confirm, and the package will be added to your account!

Can I use a Game Card to grab the 3 month Summer Special package?

The red game card worth £20 (UK), $25 (USA), €25(EU) or $40 (AU/NZ) is the card to use!

When you redeem the code on the website, in addition to your chosen package you will also get an additional 25 free days of membership. However, you will not receive the Hellion armour using a gamecard. Note the lower denomination green game card will not qualify for this promotion.

The 6-month summer special package is not available via game cards – so please check out other payment options if you want to get your hands on the 6-month package.

Can I upgrade a 3-month summer special package to the 6-month package at a later date?

Sure, you'll be able to upgrade your 3-month summer special package (including via bonds in game) to get the additional membership and all the perks associated to the 6-month offering.

Note this must be done within 3 months after purchase.

What about the Enlightenment aura?

The Enlightenment aura is no longer a part of the annual summer special package.

Will this package rebill me after the membership expires?

If you use a payment method where rebilling is possible, a new three or six-month recurring subscription agreement will be created when you purchase a Summer Special membership (overriding any existing, recurring agreement).

After your membership ticks down to three days remaining (including any membership you still had available when you purchased Summer Special), you will be rebilled for a three or six-month membership term (taking into account any grandfather rate that you pay, which will be retained).

How do I use the summer special perks?

Here’s an overview on the summer special perks, and how to access them.

Perks6-month Summer Special Package
Hellion ArmourExclusive Armour, accessed via the cosmetic override tab in-game
1 Premier Club TokenDelivered to your account on purchase (check your bank space). Click on the token to exchange for a previous Premier Club exclusive item (learn more, including list of items available).
VIP Forum AccessInstant access to the ‘Gold Premier 2018’ forum under Specialist Forums
1 Extra Daily KeyOne additional daily Treasure Hunter Key
VIP World AccessInstant access to the VIP World (52)
Monthly Prize DrawAssessed via the ‘Gold Premier 2017’ Forum section
Access to Premier Club VaultAccess to the Premier Club Vault D&D (in the Grand Exchange), once per month.
Forum BadgeAccess to an exclusive Forum Badge, appears on your forum profile after purchase.
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