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We're launching a new style of RuneScape game card that can be used for more than just membership. These two new cards ľ available in new denominations of $10 and $25 ľ will, upon redemption, allow you to choose from several packages:
  • Membership,

  • Membership and Spins,

  • Membership and RuneCoins, and

  • RuneCoins and Spins.

In addition to these new packages weĺre celebrating the launch with a promotion! All cards purchased and redeemed before August 31st 2012 will receive 5 bonus membership days when purchasing a $10 game card, and 15 bonus membership days with the $25 card.
This new style of card is available exclusively through Walmart US stores initially, but will become available in other stores and territories at a later date so watch this space for more details. Weĺre working hard to get the new style cards into stores over the next few weeks so if you donĺt see them in your local store, please bare with us ľ they'll be there soon.
The RuneScape Team

18-Jul-2012 10:50:27

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I'd love to see these Game Cards in Portugal, as I am portuguese and I can't get them or any of its benefits. Anyways, I liked the Solomon Store update, as long as it is all cosmetic. :)

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Now everyone can get coins. :o
And they sure did steal my money, with some of the sweet outfits they provided.
I actually enjoyed the stuff Solomon offered.

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I can somewhat see that.
I don't know, I'm more or less an outfit freak, so I didn't mind purchasing them. ^^
I think they whole overlapping idea was a good thing to implement.
That needed to come someday.

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Perhaps you are, but there are others who can't, who chose Runescape because you didn't have to pay for extra content, and their own rules promised you never would. If those rules hadn't promised that, people may have chosen to play another game instead. But they promised, and now they've broken their promise, all for short term profit while destroying the ideas of fairness that the success of the game was built on.
"We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape."
And again, the overlapping idea is fine, but it would be just as fine as a reward for neglected minigames, and would be fair to all, not just the irl rich.

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Yeah, I understand.
We'll see what else happens as time progresses.
The update is here now, so we can't do much about it. ^^
Us two also just dominated the first page.

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