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Heey all,

Premier Club 2019 is now available, read everything about it in the newspost here.

There is also a very handy FAQ with everything you need to know about Premier Club 2019.

What are your thoughts about Premier Club 2019?
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PSA: If you're looking to buy premier club with euros or USD, you're going to overpay significantly than if you bought it via GBP. See here.


Overall, the offer looks almost identical to last year's premier club offer, and as such, it disappoints me once again: you're still selling out exclusives that were meant to be exclusive to the previous years premier clubs, the additional daily key still promotes predatory gambling, and from what I've heard, the exclusive Q&A's have still been neglected like they were in 2017.

Please stop selling out your old customers, and focus on delivering actual weekly game updates like you used to. Caring about your loyal customers and about game integrity is what makes successful long term games, not short term cash-ins.

EDIT: Also for whatever reason, when I checked the premier club offer page, it showed me that the gold package would cost 71.29€, which confused the heck out of me because from the update post earlier this week, it was said to be 79.99€. Then when I went to the payment page, it displayed 79.99€, as did the offer page when I went back to it.
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The Artifact is exactly the same as last year's Aura, except it has lost the 10 minutes AOE pulse core boost. No one really used the free death reclaim, so that's not much of a loss. The 50% chance to act as a sign of the porter is probably useful at some places I afk at, while i'm not sure if i'll ever use the slayer perk, since i'm already 120 slayer...

Seems like the Premier Club "exclusives" thing has been removed compared to last year, but meh. I really only care about cheaper yearly membership, the benefits are just a bonus in the end.

I hope 2019 will be a better year for Jagex, because 2018 has not been as good as other years. I do know that it's unrealistic to expect weekly updates in this day and age, considering how old RS is (and therefore how much code could potentially conflict with older pieces of code), but perhaps it's better to set more realistic deadlines for updates. Don't give in to the whiners on the forums or on Reddit. It's also unfortunate that the higher-ups have so much say on what needs to be done at Jagex, but in the real world there's not much that can be done unless someone else acquires Jagex.
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Mod Poerkie said:
What are your thoughts about Premier Club 2019?

I'll let you know my thoughts..

1. You are discriminating against players who don't live in the UK, by charging them significantly higher prices, compared to the pricing in pounds. You have no valid reason to do so whatsoever.

2. Like every year, there's no point in getting any of the premier club packages for players with grandfathered prices, since they would significantly overpay. So even if the packages are otherwise attractive to us, we would have to be insane to get any of them.

I feel that you should lower your prices for players with grandfathered prices by such an amount that we can take advantage of premier club as well, like every other player can. That way, we would be able to benefit from of a discount compared to our regular pricing as well.

3. Why in the world do believe premier is even attractive at all? Why would someone want to play your game for an entire year, when you don't even bother to deliver weekly game updates like you used to? Also you are constantly pushing MTX, which is always overpowered and pay2win. (Your MTX is pay2win by definition.)

Like Blackwing already mentioned, caring about your customers and game integrity is what makes successful long term games, not short term cash grabs. I hope this years premier club is a real disappointment for you, it is exactly what you deserve it to be, after a year of no content and broken promises..

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The Valkyrie outfit doesn't look that great in my opinion. The Nex red just clashes with the white and gold and the wings are too bent inwards to look natural. It says there will be Premier forum access as well as Q&As but there wasn't anything last year so I'm a bit skeptical. Also, I know it's supposed to be cheaper but I believe Runecoins would have been more enticing, especially to those of us who have grandfathered rates.
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Doomangeleen said:
Just bought premier club gold package and changed premier club reward token to armour. where can I retrieve it? I went to Diango to Draynor Village and he has nothing for me.

Check your wardrobe customizations. You should find it there.
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I'm so disappointed that the prices have risen, for the past 2 years I bought the gold edition because it was in my opinion a fare amount for a year of a game membership, the fact it has been risen in 10 dollars really makes me think again of the game, I personally still not sure if I'm going to buy the nembership this year.. as much as I love this game and been here for 10 years if not more, most of us dont have these amount.. Stay
! ;)
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Why do you keep pretending you will do things like "Q&As" ? In 2017 you completely "forgot" to post the answers to the last one (despite having been reminded dozens of times) - it is obvious that this years Q4 Q&A is not going to happen either and the ones you did do were a joke.

Also, how long have you neglected to check the premier forum admissions thread ? 3 months ?

Although I am happy to see you did not repeat the "gold members will get 4 exclusive prizes - OH WAIT ! WE WILL RELEASE A MUCH CHEAPER PACKAGE THAT GIVES EXACTLY THE SAME A FEW MONTHS FROM NOW !" (peep) move. So at least you are capable of learning ;)

Just advertise with what people will really get. It is still a decent, albeit expensive, deal.
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