10 Epic Weapons/Shield Reskins

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Mod William

Mod William

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Greetings, adventurer! I, Solomon of Solomon’s General Store, would like to bring your attention to the range of prestigious new weapon skins available from my selective boutique, on sale today!
The first item I’d like to draw your attention to is the Blazing Flamberge. Being an individual of exquisite taste you surely own several lofty swords, yet none with the sheer craftsmanship of this particular item – the blade is forged not of metal, but several strands of fire.
For the customer trained in the magical arts – and indeed, those wise enough to not play with fire – I recommend the Shatterstorm Wand. Constructed from the most wintry and jagged shards of ice, this wand continues the fine tradition of evoking both respect and fear in fellow adventurers.
A penchant for the aquatic life? We have the perfect complement in the Shipwrecker Trident. Salvaged from depths unknown, this unique spear has three high-quality prongs – the prestige choice of the marine adventurer!
In addition to these highly esteemed weapon skins, a further seven are available for your perusal. Choose from the vicious Razor Whip, the spectacular Solarius Shield or the charmingly savage Daggerfist Claws. I have Firebrand Bows and Flaming Lashes; I have Seaborne Blades and Scorching Axes – only at Solomon’s General Store.
Visit Solomon’s General Store before Monday (GMT) and take advantage of my exclusive discounts on the Gravedigger emote and Deep Sea Fishing animation – first-time visitors to my emporium receive 200 RuneCoins free of charge.

Additional RuneCoins are available here or by clicking the 'Buy RuneCoins' button inside my store.
I look forward to your visit to my store.
Proprietor – Solomon’s General Store

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When will you guys get it... We dont want Solomon stuff, we want content...
*Edit* Is that a first post!!??!?!

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William, I strongly suggest you find new investers. All the ones you have currently are doing is milking the game dry. After the EoC (should it be released), This game will be dead within a year, if not less than that.

09-Aug-2012 16:23:52

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