Community Round-Up #1

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Mod William

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Welcome to the first of a brand new weekly feature: it’s the Community Round-Up! For our inaugural week, breathe deeply and wrap your eyes around this lot:
Mod Fishing Events
Suit up in your fishing gear and join your fellow ‘scapers in some angling action! We’ve arranged special events to have full Player Moderator support and take place at a range of times, so everyone can take part. You’ll find everything you need to know on this forum thread – don’t forget to take a screenshot and email it to Those featuring fishy puns that make us laugh (or cry) will be posted on our Facebook page.
Barrows Combat Weekend
It’s the fourth Beta Weekend testing event this weekend, and your chance to unlock the final part of the superbly steam-punk Mad Scientist Outfit! The event is open to all members and the combat beta group and we really want you all to get stuck in. We’re focusing all our attention on the Barrows, so brush up on your knowledge and give us lots of awesome, detailed feedback to pick through with a fine-toothed feedback-picker.
Future Events
Starting very soon we’ll be publishing weekly official events for now until the end of the year - some of which will be linked to future content releases! Watch this space for further details of what we've got coming up.
Players' Gallery
The 36th edition of everyone’s favourite - the Players’ Gallery - is on the way! This time the theme is RuneScape Summer so get really creative and submit your scorching entry to As always there are prizes to be had for our favourite entries, including signed concept art. More info here.

New Videos
We’ve updated our YouTube channel with the latest Behind the Scenes video. Get a full insight into the penguin-flavoured Some Like It Cold quest, as we grill Senior Narrative Designer Mod Osborne.

You can watch all our videos right here, and don’t forget to hit the 'Subscribe' button while you’re at it!
Finally, let’s check out what some of our recognised fansites have got in the pipeline for the community as well:
Zybez 99 Bonanza
The dudes and dudettes at top fansite Zybez are holding their second 99 Bonanza on the first day of September. If you’re on the cusp of getting that oh-so-special level 99 in any skill, or even if you just want to check out what’s going down, head on over and take part in the spectacular fireworks display. Full details right here.
RuneHQ New Conquest Guide
If you’ve checked out Conquest at the Void Knight Outpost you’ll know that it’s an intellectual minigame requiring smart decision making, tactical expertise and keeping a cool head under pressure. It’s also really fun, which is why you should head over to RuneHQ’s new Conquest guide for a full explanation on its ins and outs.
RuneZone Heat Wave
RuneZone are holding a massive series of events and competitions, complete with massive rewards and a massive, scorching party in World 83. Click here for the lowdown.
That’s your lot for this week. Go community!
RuneScape Community Team

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Syra Valero

Syra Valero

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Interesting. It seems as if JaGEx wants to improve their interaction with the community... That's new =|. Some of the events do seem a little blown up and exaggerated out of proportion, though. Anyways, to everyone that plans to attend the events, I hope you have a great time. Have fun~


09-Aug-2012 17:01:24

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I can see the Barrows event being extremely difficult for people who aren't very good at the beta. You might want to pick another event. Other than that, it's good to see an update focusing more on the community instead of the usual update that focuses on the SOF or Solomon's store.

09-Aug-2012 17:43:21

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