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It’s Community Round-Up time again, bringing you all the RuneScape events coming straight at you over the coming week! Get comfy, put on your dad’s reading glasses and plenty of Anti-Dragon SPF 9000 Suntan Lotion, and read on.
Clan Avatar Showcase!
How do you fancy meeting some heroic clans? What about meeting them in their citadels? How’d you feel about parading with their avatars and getting stuck into some 100% safe clan events? If you answered anything slightly resembling “YES!” to any of the above, you’ll definitely want to attend the Clan Avatar Showcase! Take the most exciting screenshots you can at the events, send them to and we’ll display our favourites on our official Facebook page. Head over to our official thread for full details on specific events and which clan will be hosting them.
Combat Beta – Weekend Members Access
We’re opening up all the combat beta worlds this weekend to members and the combat beta group, so now’s the chance to try out all the available activities and let us know what you think! For more organised beta activity, head on over to Stealing Creation.
For those who missed previous Mad Scientist unlock weekends, we will be hosting a fifth unlock weekend soon, and will be giving out the Mad Scientist Outfit to those who have earned it shortly thereafter in mid-September.
Keep an eye on the newsfeed for further details.

Scapers' Summer Stories Competition – Winner
We had a fantastic turnout for our Summer Story Contest, but in the end there can be only one winner:
I’ve always been the sort of person who prefers starlight to streetlight; too often the beauty of the natural world is obscured by the mundane things we find more familiar.
Backfloating on small, inland lakes and watching the stars is something I do routinely during the summer. This July, when the seasonal heat reached its violent peak, I took time out of every evening to look with my eyes and heart upon the sky, and one night I was rewarded with a fantastic meteor shower.
There were too many comets for me to think of a wish for each one.

Doctor Karma

Fansite Events
The guys and gals at Zybez are holding a massive celebration on September 1st for everyone hitting that magic level 99 in any skill. Sign up on their forum thread and join the party, whether you’re on the cusp, or whether you just want to enjoy the fireworks! Sign up and get the full skinny right here.
RuneHQ are looking for fearless warriors to take on a horde of tormented demons! If you want to put yourself to the test, head over to the Ancient Guthix Temple on World 59 on Saturday 18th August, 9pm BST. Check out the official thread for full details and requirements here.
Some of the lovely people over at RuneZone will be hiding all over Gielinor, find them and they’ll hand over some cool prizes! The hiding and the seeking takes place on Friday 17th August, 5pm BST-6pm BST, with everyone meeting on World 80 – that’s a free-to-play world so everyone is welcome – at Falador Park, near the east bank. Full details here.
The RuneScape Community Team

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@ Any JMod: Just a quick question regarding the Mad Scientist Outfit section...
The article says that you're hosting a fifth unlock event for those who missed previous unlock WEEKENDS (implying more than one weekend), so does this mean I will get the other 4 pieces of the outfit - the 3 from the 3 events I have missed as well as the final piece if attend this final event, or will I just get one extra piece that I have missed???

16-Aug-2012 17:31:46

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Syra Valero

Syra Valero

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... Is it just me, or is it getting much, much easier to obtain a spot on first page?
On topic, glow3:wave: CONGRATULATIONS Doctor Karma =)!!!
I really enjoyed reading your summer story. The story was short, but the quality of each word made a long lasting impression. Thanks for that.
Since most of the events are for members, I likely won't be participating.
I wish the attendees and participants a fantastic time.


16-Aug-2012 18:29:32



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@ Lucas4222
I'm pretty sure it's been posted before that you don't earn a piece from each weekend, it's either all or nothing (for one thing, there were originally only going to be 4 weekends, but I'm pretty sure it's a 5 piece outfit).
From the sound of this post, the next weekend will act as a 'wildcard' weekend to replace a missed one, i.e. if you made it to 3 weekends, going to this next will count as a fourth and you'll get the outfit.
I doubt it will count for multiple weekends as that would allow you to just go to this last event and unlock the costume, but it's unclear from this post. If it doesn't, in your case you wouldn't get anything.

16-Aug-2012 18:32:35

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