First Official RS Live Stream!

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RuneScape Live Stream

This weekend, the first official Live Stream in RuneScape's long history is being hosted by the official RuneScape YouTube channel.
Tune in from 9pm (BST) on Sunday to watch three players - big on experience, and with levels to match - discuss some tasty new concept art and pick apart the coming month's Behind the Scenes news as written by Lead Designer, Mod Mark. With webcams at the ready, they'll discuss, bicker, and generally try to decipher just what's coming up this September...and maybe beyond!
Joining the live stream will be Lead Narrative Designer for RuneScape, Mod Osborne. If there's something you want to know about RuneScape's lore past, present or future, he's the man you want to ask.
You can get involved in the discussion, tell us what's on your mind or quiz Mod Osborne by tweeting Paul M (@modpaulm) during the live stream or by posting right here in this thread!
And it doesn’t stop there! We’ve got loads more planned including a special run of live streams, hosted by none other than Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard and RuneScape Vice President Daniel Clough. There are more details to come on those very soon!
Subscribe to today and get a reminder before we go live ;)
See you there!
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Ill be watching.
So we post questions here?
Q; is there any chance runescape will ever own more shares then IVP
Q: when is new slayer master released
Q: When is the nuke planning to arrive

ill think of more!
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Had trouble finding a decent time converter but I found one lol.
Anyway, even if I miss the livestream I am sure it'll be up on the RS youtube channel, or maybe someone else will record it.
I prefer BTS videos, but I guess Jagex feels the need to keep experimenting.
Let's find out what is coming in September! I hope it involves new pets at least :)
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WOOT first! here are my questions:
This year, are you planning any new skills?
In the Al Kharid update, will some of those new quests be f2p?
That's it actually:P

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