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Squeal of Fortune: End of Summer Blowout
Yelps is having one final summer blowout as the season comes to a close! This weekend players will have their final chances to grab a number of items on the Squeal of Fortune before all limited edition items* are removed from the wheel on Friday 28th of September 23:59 (GMT).
From 00:00 (GMT) on Friday the 21st of September until 23:59 (GMT) on Monday the 24th of September, players will have increased chances to grab the cosmetic Queen's Guard outfit, Dragon Ceremonial outfit, beach ball, shark fists and sunbathing emote.
Fancy a last minute summer tan? Win a new sunbathing emote and be the envy of your RuneScape friends!
How about bagging yourself a set of the craziest melee weapons ever in RuneScape: shark fists! That’s actual shark heads mounted on your hands! These claw-type weapons have 4 different attack settings, so they’re the ideal accessory whatever your Combat level.

Until the end of September, as part of Sizzling Summer, all members receive extra free spins per day, so become a member today to maximise your chances of winning.
Don’t miss out on these exclusive items - after Thursday the 27th of September, they'll be gone for good!
The RuneScape Team

Solomon’s General Store: Choose Your Place in the Royal Court
Elegant outfits, in store now! Sir, Madam - please, do come in and browse!

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the latest range of outfits and accessories available from Solomon’s General Store: the Royal Court!

Being a member of royalty has its benefits, and this has never been truer with the all new Monarch outfits, and this has never been truer with the all-new Monarch outfits. Available for all looking to effect an air of royalty, these classical takes on royal dress will you ensure you look your most regal at all times.
But the burden of the crown can be heavy indeed - perhaps you wish simply to enjoy the feasts and masquerades of high society. Then why not join the aristocracy with my new Noble attire? Available for the fashion-conscious lord or lady, these exclusive outfits are suited for the the most exclusive of social occasions.
While the pomp and pageantry of a royal household can be beguiling, it has been said that true nobility lies in tireless service and loyalty to one's masters. If this is the role for you then the new Servant outfits are fine choices for the hard-working maid or butler.
Remember - if you’ve yet to visit my store, why not drop in and receive 200 RuneCoins absolutely free? You can also buy additional RuneCoins here. Don’t forget that I also offer a 10% discount on all items, only for members!
Until next time,
Proprietor - Solomon's General Store

*Items being removed from the Squeal of Fortune are:
  • Queen's guard hat

  • Queen's guard shirt

  • Queen's guard trousers

  • Queen's guard shoes

  • Queen's guard staff

  • Dragon ceremonial hat

  • Dragon ceremonial cape

  • Dragon ceremonial breastplate

  • Dragon ceremonial greaves

  • Dragon ceremonial boots

  • Fish mask

  • Beach ball

  • Candyfloss

  • Seaside rock

  • Water balloon

  • Sunbathe emote

  • Shark fists 1

  • Shark fists 2

  • Shark fists 3

  • Shark fists 4

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Thank you for these shenshational new outfits Uncle Sholomon. Your prowess at shamelessly stealing money from small, naive children is an inspiration to all of us fine proprietors as you yourself are. I look forward with eager anticipation to perusing your wares at the shtore.

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yay now my liked rare items are now much easier to get and thanks for letting me lose my excitement over my dragon ceremoneal
nice work jagex
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Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes

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Thanks, at least you give us a higher chance. Only missing 3 dragon pieces, which seem like a lot considering I still got none and they showed at least once every second spin. I do hope there will be little to no more limited items in the future :|

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x Nic
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x Nic

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Hopefully the system doesn't hurt many players when it comes time to choose your 4 items. I can't wait to see how many people will have problems with it. (hopefully none though)
Least now I can try again for the emote, I atleast hope for that item to come my way into my emotes tab.

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I'm still really not understanding why people get so incredibly butthurt over this. If you're not going to use the SGS or SoF, why do you read the updates? They're not even the top news item anymore when they're posted.
Whinging over nothing, yet again.

Anyway, I think this is a good update for anyone who has been trying to get those items. Maybe time to do those last few quests or something to increase your chances of getting any pieces you're missing.

21-Sep-2012 01:24:07

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