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With the arrival of October we see the next stage of rewards for the Sizzling Summer event. Players that had an active subscription throughout September will today be receiving a promissory note upon login; this item will give them a whopping 350,000 XP to spend in the skills of their choice.

For players that had an active subscription throughout August and September, they will receive a promissory note (or an upgrade to their previous promissory note if they have yet to use it) worth a staggering 700,000 XP to spend where they desire.

Additionally, those players with a subscription throughout August and September will receive, at some point after login, a strange deck of fate cards. Clicking these cards will allow the player to Choose Their Fate by selecting from a number of powerful abilities:

Dodging Death – Selecting this ability gives the player an item that, when the player dies at the hands of a monster, with this item in their inventory, will immediately restore them to life on full health.
Instakill Dart – Selecting this ability allows the player to wield an item, which will kill any monster instantly (as the name suggests).

Insta Heal – Selecting this ability gives you the Emergency Healing Box, which will heal you and everyone else within 3 squares around you, to full health. Or use it on a friend to heal them and everyone around them.

Remote Banking – Selecting this ability gives you an item that will create a bank deposit box for the next hour, meaning you don’t need to keep running to the bank to deposit items.

These items are all 1 use only, are consumed on use and do not work in PvP areas.

These items will appear in the inventory of everyone eligible at some point today, please be patient as these will be added manually. All abilities must be used by the 31st December 2012, or they will be lost.

See the FAQ and the Wiki for more information.

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Sizzling Summer FAQ

UPDATED (27/09/12): More common questions added.

Choose Your Fate
These Choose your Fate rewards sound powerful; will they break the game in terms of balancing?
No, whenever we introduce a new item or mechanic, there is extensive balance testing carried out to ensure that nothing vastly upsets the underlying game mechanics. The ‘Choose your Fate’ rewards will not have any impact on the economy, as they cannot be traded and they have limited uses.

What monsters can I use the Instakill darts on?
The instakill darts can be used on any NPC that you can normally do battle with, excluding ones that exist in PvP areas.
There are a few other limitations, it is strongly recommended that you read the wiki before using the darts.
If I use an Instakill dart, will I get XP related to the damage dealt as usual? Will it be Ranged XP?
You will not get the XP that would have been generated during a regular fight.

When will we hear more details on the Choose your Fate rewards?
We’ll be releasing information over the next few weeks, so the best way to keep bang up-to-date is to keep a close eye on the news section of our homepage, or ‘like’ us on Facebook so that all relevant RuneScape news goes straight into your news feed!
How does the Dodging Death ability work?
When this ability is chosen you'll get a "soul phylactery" in your inventory. As long as this is in your inventory, if you are killed in a non-PvP area (such as the wilderness of duel arena) you will be immediately returned to life on full health, with all your items. The soul phylactery will then be removed from your inventory.
What about if I already have a resurrection ability?
The Dodging Death ability is the last resurrection ability to be used up. Abilities like the clan avatar ability will be used first, so your Soul Phylactery will not be consumed.
How does the remote banking ability work?
This ability gives you a deposit box that you can place anywhere that you could place a fire (unique quest locations not included). This can then be set to work either just for you, or for anyone. After that point, you can use it just like you would a normal bank deposit box. It will remain for 1 hour.
Will these rewards cause existing items to become worthless/crash?
No. Any blips in GE values are expected to become stable very quickly, as there are always new players entering the game who will not qualify for the rewards.
Why can I only get these rewards through this promotion?
We really appreciate the continued support from our consistent member community, and Choose your Fate gives us a great way to offer a well-deserved seasonal ‘thank you’!
How do I claim my choose your fate items?
Your fate card will be added to your inventory if you have the space, and if not can be collected from Diango in Draynor in a similar way to holiday event items. You will receive notification in your chat window when the item is delivered.

XP Promissory Note
How much XP is there for each month of the Sizzling Summer promotion?
Stay a member throughout August and you’ll get 350,000 XP to use. Stay a member throughout September as well, and you’ll get another 700,000 XP on top of that. That’s over 1 million XP in total.

When and where will I get the XP Promissory Note item?
It will be placed directly into your inventory at the end of each calendar month, unless your inventory is full. Then, you can collect it from Diango at your leisure.

Why is it such a large amount of XP? I worked hard for my levels!
We’ve been looking for a better mechanic than Bonus XP weekends, as they can sometimes exclude players who aren’t available to play on particular weekends. With Sizzling Summer, we’re rewarding our loyal members simply for sticking with us!

Why can’t we have XP-boost items so we can still work for XP, rather than get it instantly?
XP-boost items are a great mechanic and we like using them for various kinds of event, but it’s not right for Sizzling Summer. Keep an eye out for future events, though, as they’re sure to make an appearance again.

How will this free XP be delivered? Will it be the same way the different SoF lamps work?
UPDATED: The XP will be delivered in a way that will allow you to distribute it amongst your skills as you see fit. Please keep a look out for more information in the coming weeks!

Do I have to have a particular level in a skill before I can use my XP rewards on it?
No – you can use your XP rewards on any skills, at any level.

Will XP Promissory note expire?
Yes, the Promissory Note will disappear at the end of 2012 – so make sure you’ve used it up by then!

My membership ran out. Can I still use my Promissory Note?
The Promissory Note is a members-only item, so you'll need to re-subscribe before you can use it.

Extra Daily Squeal Spins
So if I have a break in membership, I can still get extra spins when I re-subscribe?
You’ll get bonus spins whenever you have active membership in August and September, but a break in membership means missing out on many of the key benefits, including generous amounts of bonus XP!

Tropical Islander Outfit
When and where can I claim my Tropical Islander outfit?
UPDATED 2: The items are available from Solomon's Store, and a new one is released each week. You are entitled to the items for free if you have unbroken membership from the start of August to the point you attempt to "purchase" the items. If you subscribe for all of August and/or September, all those relevant items stay free until the 15th October. If you don’t claim them before then, they return to their full price.

If I let my membership lapse, can I still get the outfit pieces for when I was a member?
UPDATED: If you lapse membership before the end of the month, the items that were previously free will only be available at their normal price.

When and where can I claim my beach accessories?
All beach accessories can be obtained from Solomon’s General Store!

If I let my membership lapse, can I still get the items for when I was a member?
Just like the Tropical Islander outfit – if you have had membership for the entire month and you access Solomon’s General Store while you’re still a member, the items will be listed as free.

Pop-up interface on login to promote offer
After I’ve read the pop-up and closed it, will it pop up each day again?
UPDATED: The pop-up message will appear once per day, unless you tick a box to hide it for five days. The last thing we want is for players to miss out simply because they haven’t been made aware of these exclusive promotions. For that reason, we’d rather give players regular opportunities to see it!

Billing Questions
If I already have a recurring membership, will I still be eligible for Sizzling Summer?
UPDATED: Yes! You just need an unbroken members’ subscription from 1st August to 30th September (GMT) inclusive.

If my account is locked but my membership is still active, do I still qualify?
UPDATED: Yes, but you won’t be able to enjoy the rewards if your account is still locked when they’re applied!

Do I need to be a member for the whole of August and September to get all the Sizzling Summer benefits?
  • If you’re a member for August only, you’ll get the summer cosmetic items & bonus spins for August, plus 350,000 XP.
  • Remain a member through August & September and you’ll get all the summer cosmetic items and bonus spins for both months, 350,000 XP at the end of August, plus an additional 700,000 XP and access to the powerful Choose Your Fate item at the end of September!

What happens if I run out of membership for a day?
If your membership does lapse, don't panic. You'll have a 24 hour window in which to re-subscribe. If you miss that window, though, you'll lose out on those big XP rewards, so it's best to ensure that your membership's in place ahead of time. Take a look at payment options here, under the Payments heading.

How do I check if I’m eligible for the XP and costume items?
You can guarantee eligibility by making sure you have membership that covers all of August and September. However, we will let you know if you’re about to run out of membership in advance, as a precaution.

What happens to my XP or items if I run out of membership for a week?
You will keep any cosmetic items that you have claimed up to that point, but won’t be eligible for the XP.

Is it possible for me to lose my items, if I die for example?
No, cosmetic items are not lost on death.

Can I sign up on 1st August?
You can sign up for membership on the 1st August (GMT) and still be eligible for all the coming bonuses.

If I miss August, can I still sign up for the bonus XP and items for September?
Signing up on for membership after the beginning of August and maintaining that membership throughout September means you will only be eligible for September’s items & bonus spins.

Your news post says I need to be a member from midnight – is this my time zone, or GMT?
All times are in GMT.

What happens if my membership runs out on 31st August/30th Sept? Am I still eligible for the all of the Sizzling Summer offers?
Yes, you are eligible so long as you have membership into the last day of the month, based on GMT.

NOTE: This FAQ will be updated as time goes on. :)

01-Oct-2012 11:14:32

Top D

Top D

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WOOT Finally!! I wonder how the instakill dart will work (or even IF it will work) on certain high prized monsters, such as GWD bosses/QBD/Nomad/Jad etc....
And looking forward to the 700k exp, will be a nice boost to my prayer levels
Edit: First :D
Edit 2: So if I'm not mistaken, its possible to get 4 Instakill Darts if none of the other choices interest me?

01-Oct-2012 11:38:37 - Last edited on 01-Oct-2012 11:58:42 by Top D

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Lost Barrow

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I have a question.
During the month of September, my mother asked to get the money she spent on the membership. Due to this I was in debt for some reason and my account was frozen for one day, the day I find out is also the day I paid so I can play again. Would this void me from the exp and Choose their fate items?

01-Oct-2012 11:42:42



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i need clarification, it says, on the wiki, that one can use an instakill dart to instantly kill MOST monsters with multiple forms or cutscenes. The only monsters that they mentioned were lucien and dungeoneering monsters, are there any others?

01-Oct-2012 11:43:09

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