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With the recent addition of the plushies, it would be great to have some come out in the store that we can purchase. Obviously, these would be different to the ones we currently have (so they keep their current value) and there could be all sorts of different ones such as other animals, mini slayer monsters, mini boss monsters, plushies relevant to certain holidays, and so on ^_^

12-Dec-2015 20:33:44

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Draco Burnz said:
No support to sgs, i like my item plushie so id agree to th only.

+1 rather have in TH as actual items then cosmetics from Sgs
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17-Dec-2015 09:39:26

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I want plushies in the store for sure. I know the MTX team will always release them on TH but I hate TH.

I can understand the argument of having them as actual items, but some players don't care about them being items and some players don't like to gamble with TH.

So the best thing to do is to have them both on TH and in the store.

As for what kind of plushies- GWD bosses, dragons, some kind of popular monsters.

Lots of options for what to make.


18-Dec-2015 16:32:13

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Support, and who's to say they can't be items? SGS has keepsake keys, wicked pouch, music boxes, spam banner, challenge barrels, and maybe more that are simply dropped in your bank on purchase.

Having them on both th and sgs could be interesting though. Will people simply buy the sure thing, or will they gamble at a potentially cheaper chance?
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21-Dec-2015 06:32:55

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