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What is the point of having all these loyalty points if they cant be converted to coin? And what is purchasable with loyalty points is basically crummy. No dragons, no wings , no really nice outfits.. It's annoying.

25-Aug-2019 19:47:02

Mr Mom

Mr Mom

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I ALREADY BOUGHT the original crit splat package and you're telling me I have to buy it again??? This is getting extremely ridiculous man! Look out for the players for once instead of always trying to make a dollar!

26-Aug-2019 20:37:08

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You cant use it with heroic crits btw. Thanks for letting us know. The splat and text cant be shown at the same time? Why not? I pay for splat textures and some extra text when i crit. Should be able to get both please. I feel like I wasnt some real money here.

26-Aug-2019 21:01:56

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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Ganguskahn said:
This should be a free add-on. Toggle on or off. Not spending a dime for this.


Its just as easy to make money off this so theres no reason not to.

Besides, like you said you aren't buying it so theres no reason other ppl shouldn't be able to if they want to.
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02-Sep-2019 19:04:48



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Draco Burnz said:
Also wouldn't mind more item based things from sgs like banner.

In a game you already pay-for all update should come as standard - don't you think or just make it f2p already ffs.
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02-Sep-2019 19:05:47

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