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We have a Discord Server dedicated to FashionScaping with more than 6000 members! Feel free to drop by:

Since images can now be posted on the Runescape forums, we can now effectively share our outfit ideas on the forums.

How this works:
Post a photo of your favorite RS outfit(s) on this thread, using the new photo/Imgur tool.
Optional: Also say what the outfit is composed of.

Here's an example:

-Black Beret, Shadow Owen's hair
-Default top, Death Lotus Disciple gloves
-Vyrewatch legs/feet
-Vampyre Hunter amulet, Golden cane

-White Robin Hat
-Blue Musketeer Top
-Default legs
-Vyrewatch Shoes
-Vampyre Hunter amulet, Proud walk animation
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Very nice styles you two. ^^

Got two here myself.
First of all, Zevrant.

Drakewing Head and Torso. Crystalline Wings, Nomad's gloves, Behemoth Boots. Refined Anima Core legs of Zaros, Skeletal Tail and Dragon Rider Blades.

And my alt Ferna.

Drakewing Head and Legs. Crystalline Wings, Robes of Sorrow Top, Gloves and Boots. Servants Necklace, The Burning Truth. Cape hidden.
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MapleStory said:
How are you posting images? :O

Is there somekind of capture option ingame now?

The new image posting capability is explained here with instructions: Forum Images


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Sometimes I add Skyguard wings (white)


Crimson demon-ish (needs improvement especially wings):

120 Attack would fit well with it probably.
Nice, but in green

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