Retro Armour Cosmetic Override

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Retro Armour Cosmetic Override

Hello all.
Based on suggestions and feedback from the community we are considering putting some retro armour cosmetic overrides onto Solomon’s General Store. Blast from the past stuff like the old looks for rune, dragon, and bronze.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see these armour sets? Are there others you would prefer to be featured? What about weapons? Would you like them to look exactly as they used to in days of yore, or for us to take the core designs and give them a modern twist? We’d love to hear from you and find out whether this would be something our community would enjoy!

Share your thoughts on this forum thread and our developers will be sure to check out your feedback.

11-Nov-2013 10:36:32

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I wouldn't mind it one bit.

Making them high res, up to the standard of today's graphics, but having the original designs, maybe? The key is to be faithful to the classic look.

11-Nov-2013 11:08:34 - Last edited on 11-Nov-2013 11:13:22 by Baduk

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I would love it if, you implemented a cosmetic override of the old look Of the Tokhaar-Kal, the look was simple yet awsome, and yet i still feel that the new look would look better with purple tinted lava to much the monsters inside the kiln.

11-Nov-2013 11:17:34

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Support from me!

Any chance of getting the old Varrock 4 armor back as well? The lighter color was always my favorite...
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11-Nov-2013 11:25:56

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I would love to see this!

Old barrows would be cool, especially Ahrims. Would have been great if you could get it out alongside rise of the six, but it's a little too late for that.

Retro dds would be appreciated, assuming it's held in the original reverse position. Otherwise I wouldn't really care.

I agree with Timaeus, bring their textures up to more modern standards without changing the core design if possible.

I also really like Dahakoan's idea's of non-sgs ways to obtain them, but sgs is fine too.

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I would totally support this idea. Older weapon models and animations as well. However, instead of having them all buyable/free, perhaps the "higher end" stuff could be given as a reward?

Random ideas:

Overrides like the Classic Dragon Chainbody, Classic Bandos Chestplate, and Classic [insert barrows item here] could be added as additional very rare drops (ie not interfering with current drop tables) to Kalphite Queen, Bandos, and Barrows chest. They would be untradeable and unlock the override after a one time use, so it would hold a certain kind of prestige. If you saw someone full Classic Dragon, you know they earned it themselves.

Something similar could be done for lower tier stuff. See someone walking around with a Classic Rune Platebody? Well they must have 99 smithing. Only a green d'hide body? They might not have a high crafting level, but they certainly have style ;)

Other, more specific and rare overrides could be done through a gradual progression. For example, every 50 clue scrolls completed, you get to chose one of the classic overrides normally obtained through random drops. Old Castle Wars overrides available at a reduced (increased? O_o) cost of the updated ones.

Just throwing a few ideas out there. This is a cool idea and I would like to see it implamented in creative ways :D

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YES, especially the old d chain and claws.... also, a little off topic, but can the old standing stance be re-worked into it as well? that would be awesome, but maybe difficult to work in with the combat system now.
I think Mod Crow wants the old zammy plate back ;)

11-Nov-2013 11:45:53

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