Sword of Edicts (Override)

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Would like to know if it would be possible for the Sword of Edicts (Override) to make a return to Solomon's Store or possibly be added to the list of cosmetics that can be gained by the Premier Club Reward Token's.

Would really like the opportunity to gain this cosmetic.

06-Jan-2018 12:46:25

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Ghazgkull said:
Is it not possible to claim it in game anymore?

Not at this moment only when the Guthix butterflys return.
The Guthix memorie event did return each year so far and it was possible to claim the sword around that time.
So i think you have to wait until the event returns (around Easter).

I do not support for a permanent add to Solomon store, because its a good start for event items to act same like the OSRS ones (return each year).

06-Jan-2018 15:13:59

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