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So I was thinking....the only thing the game really has in the way of visible arrow quivers is the quiver that's built into the Skirmisher Body. It looks great, but often times clips through capes which is unfortunate.

So....what if we had arrow quiver cosmetics, as capes? :D

Quivers could occupy the cape-slot for overrides, and could come in a theoretically limitless number of designs. Furthermore, some quiver overrides could include a cape, built right into the override to avoid clipping.

• Quiver [on back]
• Quiver with cape [on back]
• Belt-fastened Quiver
• Belt-fastened Quiver with cape

On models that have a cape built into them, the cape itself would be the part that would be recoloured.

Note: The bright green cape would reflect recolor areas. This is a rough mock-up I've done.

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09-Aug-2018 22:22:20

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I support, this is something that should've been added a long time ago. Doesn't quite make sense when you pull an arrow out of thin air.

Edit: Unless the bow supplies it's own ammunition. (I would imagine the arrow is formed when you pull the string back)

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I don't know much about Bolts. Do Bolts have pouches or something they are usually stored inside?

I tend to assume things like Javelins and Throwing Axes are just not historically accurate, at least not in the amounts we carry around.

Darts? Dart bag?

Throwing Knives? Pouch?

But yeah quivers look great. Would be a nice cosmetic addition.

11-Aug-2018 01:37:33

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