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One of my account get ban cause i use runelite i think... not sure. Just want to know if i can use runelite or not. I ask this question cause i see a lot of high player on twitch use this third party so i just follow there lead.

19-Aug-2019 08:12:19

irl pker dib

irl pker dib

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If they banned accounts for using Runelite, half the playerbase would be banned and there'd be a lot more riots on these forums and reddit. If slayer is a skill, then I guess these slayer drop tables catered to skillers by pumping out so many resources. :)

19-Aug-2019 15:10:29

Nov Member 2019


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I don't see people getting banned for using Runelite, so it's (probably) allowed, but what's not allowed are some features that come with some 3rd party clients - features that could be considered as botting. Mod Archie put up a post on reddit a while ago about it (link:

Let's hope that Runelite is allowed or I would have wasted a lot of hours playing to get banned haha

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cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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I have heard there are a number of 4th party adds to it and some of them likely can get you banned. Take this with a grain of salt as I have never used it and can only repeat what I have heard.

Its not likely the program itself got you banned.
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19-Aug-2019 18:13:47

fmod Member


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Jagex will only ever recommend the use of the official client from the Old School homepage. Any others are used at a player’s own risk.

I personally wouldn’t trust any of the third party clients out there and the safest route by far is to use the official client.

19-Aug-2019 18:22:23



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Almost all my clan is using it, the UI does look very appealing & there's a lot of useful features..

But I think it would take away from my experience when I play OSRS.

Rather be safe than lose my account ^_^

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19-Aug-2019 19:15:57

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I asked this question to a J-Mod in the OSRS Discord. They responded back with "use at your own risk". I asked if that simply meant in regards to getting hacked or banned? They responded with both.

I only use the standard client even though I know a majority of individuals who play most likely use the client.
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19-Aug-2019 22:10:22

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