Omg how rare is this????

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DJ Triger

DJ Triger

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So I was playing on my iron man today and I got 2 fire tomes [link url=][/link]in a single crate......😳 from what I can tell its 1/1000 drop rate? Am I tripping or is this. Actually 1 in a million? I took a screenshot but im not sure how to attach it atm. I can when zi get home though.

03-Oct-2019 17:04:49



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Kegs said:
They're like 500k ea bro, I could buy 2 in the g/e and freak out and say they're 1/1000?
stupid comment, just wow.. i mean really.. did you even read the thread? or are you just this stupid?

03-Oct-2019 22:13:24

tw zombas
Jul Member 2019

tw zombas

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depends on how many points you had in that particular wintertodt kill. Every 500 windertodt points gives you another 2 item rolls out of the rewards crate. So if you only got 500-1000 points and in that rewards crate you got 2 tomes of fire then yes you would be correct the odds are 1/1million

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