I'm VERY ashamed at you, mods!

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All that hard work you've conducted on yourselves AND your in-game player...

... And you had to get a barbarian, a BARBARIAN, to teach you how to smash vials!

Cmon already! It's 2019!


On a serious note, is there some way to take a picture of my OSRS character to use as an avatar?

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Hi, Snickurz

Yes, If you log into RS3 and go to the south west corner of Falador near the make over mage, there is a booth there that you can take a photo that uploads your character to the Forums Avatar.

Hope this helps.
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Lol. Draft dodger btw. Too scared to attack an enemy that tried to harm my loved ones so "I only learned to defend". Typical boomer born right after the era where my parents suffered the solitude of WWII, deprivation of the Great Depression while I never had to suffer jack or risk a thing. :)

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