When will snare become F2P?

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333333333 said:
Too OP!

How is 10 seconds op? 5 seconds is just enough for ONE. scimitar smack or two arrows. And even then, the cast time cancels out holding people back to back.

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esmee 1997 said:
Hopefully never, easyscape shouldn't become another more easy then ever before scape.

It has nothing to do with EasyScape, at least not in my opinion. I don't mind F2P having Bind and Snare, they are low level/medium level spells, but there are some who thinks Entangle also should be made available to F2P and Jagex themselves are considering it, now that is something that i don't approve of, giving a high level curse spell to F2P would be wrong.

F2P exist to give people a basic experience of the game and a small taste of the huge benefits membership would give them, giving them all the 3 constriction spells would be an offense to those of us who actually pay to play and support this game.
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