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Ekim said:
In Jagex's most recent "Message About Unofficial Clients" I noticed this detail which actually rubbed me the wrong way, because forever now I've been wanting it back.

Any feature which: reorders or removes player-based options, such as ‘Trade with’\t[Menus]

I remember back before EOC was a thing, players could hide the trade with option on other players by turning their Trade options (under chatbox) to off. In Oldschool, no such thing, ESPECIALLY with Ironman mode being so popular where literally any and every trade option is unnecessary clutter and serves as a reminder that "You stand alone", which we get... because we chose this life.

I think I speak for 99% of the Ironman community when I ask if this could be re-implemented as a genuine feature and not something 3pc's can pick up the slack on - not that RuneLite even had this feature afaik.

Reminder: this was an original feature before EOC was conceptualised, let alone Ironman mode.

Thanks for reading,
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