Rune Pouch disappeared bug?

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Mar Member 2019


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So I know you're thinking I accidentally clicked destroy. No.

I use a laptop pad, was chilling in bed watching some trailer park boys. Was gonna cast some plank make; so I went to empty my tele runes to replace with plank make. Literally, not touching the keyboard on the macbook, clicked empty on the rune pouch. After that I could not find it! I searched my bank and everything.

Is it possible to destroy it without touching keyboard? If chat dialogue does come up as someone at the GE says, I didn't see it and certainly did not click it.

Could a moderator investigate this? If so please change the option to destroy it because this has now cost me 2.5M...

09-Oct-2019 02:56:19

tw zombas
Jul Member 2019

tw zombas

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yea it would be possible to destroy without keyboard there's a way to click through the warning indicator, is also possible to go through it by pressing 1

Its actually really really easy to accidentally destroy it I have done it twice now within an actual second without realizing. Nothing they could really do besides remove the destroy option altogether

11-Oct-2019 20:02:32

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