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Hard Sky

Hard Sky

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My character Kelzey was wrongfully banned for playing fairly.

I played on runelite along with 80 percent of the osrs community.

Rank 112 in twisted leagues.

I played fairly between 18-20 hours a day trying to keep my twisted league rank.

I caught chinchompas till 98 hunter and chinned dust devils and nechrayels for hours while on skype with friends. I was banned while killing Abyssal Demons going for my whip.

My Character Kelzey before twisted leagues was created as a group ironman account and was on tutorial island awaiting group ironman. I decided to play twisted leagues with it.

Their was a message days ago before twisted league from Jagex saying how happy they were with Runelite and never mentioned at any time Runelite could not be used in twisted leagues. It is used by near every player today.

Everything I did was fairly done by me.

I've played Runescape and osrs since 2006 and my father Iron Beast began playing after my mother died. Runescape was our escape from the pain of real life. Being banned for playing legitimately is the worst feeling knowing in my heart I did nothing wrong.

My father Iron beast and Cousin Triple hhh48 have decided to never play again after this has happened.

I will not live with hate in my heart and take this as a sign that my creator no longer wishes me to have a gaming lifestyle.

Jagex I will forever be grateful of you helping me go through the loss of my mother and was my refuge in tragedy. I don't like the way jagex divides friendships and rules by a dictatorship.
Even if my character was forgiven life my rank is lost .

Some will say well Runelite is a client but it was working with Jagex and is used by 80 percent of the community since Jagex never updated their own client.

After the rigged warding polls and now this ban for being a fair and honest player .
I forgive you but will never support or trust Jagex again.

Kelzey signing out.

25-Nov-2019 07:11:08

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Nothing will come out of this thread, but I'm sorry :(. It's kinda pathetic to see so many of my friends being falsely banned for dumb shit like this. It's purely on Jagex at this point. This kinda shit alongside account security is plaguing this game heavily. But hey, if it makes you feel any better, my irl friend woke up one day to see his 10b bank cleaned due to Jagex's pathetic account security. Sinking ship mate, that's why I left for WoW Classic. Draft dodger btw. Too scared to attack an enemy that tried to harm my loved ones so "I only learned to defend". Typical boomer born right after the era where my parents suffered the solitude of WWII, deprivation of the Great Depression while I never had to suffer jack or risk a thing. :)

25-Nov-2019 08:13:26

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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Hi Hard Sky.

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the loss. Hope you're doing fine.

The recent news article on 3rd party client would have covered what is not allowed for use ingame. As many others have mentioned using these clients is at your own risk.

There is a thread involving your ban in the Account Help forum. Please see the replies left in the thread and appeal as necessary.
Click here

Best of luck. :)

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