What made PvM easier?

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weston btw said:
I literally don't understand that. However, I do understand one thing mildly now. When people say that OSRS raids are a ripoff of WoW's raids, I now agree with it. OSRS doesn't have a class system, so it felt like it was just trying to add something that wasn't meant for it. I think we'd have been much better off with content such as Nex. However, I don't get why everyone pokes fun at WoW. I mean those types of raids and class systems exist in like 250 MMO's lol.

What made Nex was a Dung boss type strategy. There are distinct phases which made Nex an interesting fight. They should of continued with bosses like Nex and forgot about EOC and stuff like raids. Though Dung is basically a form of raids.

13-Dec-2019 07:02:04

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