Lost untradeables?

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Not sure if this is the right place. I'll try to make it quick.

I was doing ZMI and dc'd while following someone to the altar, I stupidly assumed I made it to the altar and didn't log back in. Queue to me logging in at Falador.

For some reason though I kept my full graceful, rune pouch & RC rune pouches and all the essence in my inventory?? I lost my ring of suffering (rip) battlestaff, all the tp runes that were in my pouch and dragon defender. What gives? I can't recover it from perdu although the wiki says it should be in my inventory.

The only realistic thing I can think of it that I was hacked and they took what I had on me, but left me with all my graceful and essence?

11-Oct-2019 06:21:47

tw zombas
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tw zombas

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it sounds like you died while on your way to the altar and never logged back in to collect the items.

The death mechanics are a little weird but basically the runes from your rune pouch get emptied into your inv and the tradable items are dropped on the ground minus the 3 most expensive things you'd normally keep on death.

If you die outside of the wilderness you normally keep every single untradable item which is why you kept all the pouches full graceful etc.

The heartbreaking part is that if the items are not picked up within an hours time they will be gone forever unless theres a npc that stores the items for you like at zulrah or vorkath (which unfortunately the zmi altar does not)

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If the Ring of Suffering is Imbued I believe you get to keep it
(It should of also been the most expensive thing on your inventory at the moment right?)
. Aside from that, the runes inside your Rune Pouch are transferred to your inventory upon death
(I know this cause as a UIM, whenever I die, I keep all of those runes and I force my death a lot),
so you get to keep all those 3 runes. The Dragon Defender is also kept on death, so the only conclusion is someone probably logged on your account. Send a ticket or something to see if someone aside from your IP was logged on, else report the issue, it may be a bug.

11-Oct-2019 23:55:56

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