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So im basically writing this thread to address my thoughts on the Grand Exchange advertisers. I know as well as everyone else about the reoccurring botters and scammers that seems to appear out of no where and they come in no short supply.

Every single world there are DOZENS of accounts advertising youtube websites and gambling. If it is against the rules then why has it been months and months and months of these people spamming and filling up the chat box? Every time i go to the Grand Exchange i have to ignore multiple accounts just so i can read the regular chat, its some what time consuming considering the fact i visit the market multiple times and every visit it seems every account ive ignored has been replaced by another spammer or advertiser. Why doesnt jagex inflict harsher punishments against these rule breakers?

Why is my immersive OSRS experience continually tarnished by real world advertisers? I dont play this game to hear about winning millions by visiting a youtube page and i dont play this game so i can gamble my money away by the same botter wearing red cloths waving a chinese fan at their face.

Frankly im SICK AND TIRED of it. Why doesnt jagex inflict harsher punishments against these people? I would go as far to say that these so called rule breakers are not even receiving any type of penalty at all, but thats just from a perspective of someone who see's no end to the lawlessness.

OSRS is already degraded by the scammers who operate in a way to where the words they say and the tactics they use avoid penalty, so why cant we at least do away with what they say is already against the rules.

How do the repeated offenders and script using chat spammers/advertisers continuously slip through the cracks? Has jagex become somewhat lenient against these 3rd party traders?

Ill say right now without fear of criticism from others its fucking annoying and its ruining the game.

Im tired of scammers and and advertisements. DO SOMETHING JAGEX

27-Oct-2019 20:17:34

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