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nice acc m8
Oct Member 2019

nice acc m8

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I dont know if its said anywhere but i was wondering how i can buy rune pouch on my alt? I made this acc just a week ago to try low inferno cape. But i see rune pouch is 75 points. Is there anyway I can buy rune pouch? (w/o killing someone) Because there is no bh world either.


Note F7

19-Oct-2019 00:41:21

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As of right now there are two options:

- Wilderness slayer; Archaic emblems were added back to the wilderness slayer drop tables earlier today (announced on twitter: ), so you could collect those and use them on the old bounty hunter shop

- Purchase the rune pouch with slayer points; it costs a good bit though.

19-Oct-2019 00:50:35

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