What the actual hell?(Barrows)

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Fe Reject
Feb Member 2019

Fe Reject

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What happen to barrows? Even with Hard diary I am no longer getting the amount of runes I once did. I am barely getting enough runes to even keep my trident charged at this rate.

The amount of minds only chests.. is completely screwed up. Most ironmen use barrows as a way to get runes.. a way to get chaos to purchase their onyx.. and now its broken AF.

24-Nov-2019 15:57:59

NonMax Jake

NonMax Jake

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Interesting. Perhaps you should do a few hundred runs, track how many times you get (at 88% of course) and then check it against videos of youtubers running barrows previously. See if there is any significant different. Sounds like a bit of bad luck tbh 200M all skills, Trimmed comp Cape, MQC
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25-Nov-2019 12:25:35

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Voax said:
From my experience with Barrows finishing with 88% reward potential should give you the best loot and runes.

If you're an ironman (which the OP seems to be given their username) and you don't need blood runes, getting ~75.5% RP is actually better, since that way you'll roll for more chaos/death runes that you can use for trident, and you'll spend less time killing the crypt monsters.
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25-Nov-2019 15:25:41

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