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I'm tired of seeing players cry about books prices.Let's talk bonds for a moment.

Everyone is upset at bonds rising in price yet it costs 6.99 for just ONE bond and the old game value of 3m was a total RIP OFF. This is going to benefit the actual bond BUYERS who get them in game. Sorry you can't play for only 3 hours to get 7 days membership anymore! Let's be honest too, no one in F2P was even going to be able to afford 3m foot their 7 days time do you can't use "3m bonds helps f2p!" it doesn't. F2P players will subscribe for their benefits.

You also need to factor in that OSRS is seeing a sharp decline in playercount lately, and now things are getting harder to come by.

I'm more inclined to actually buy more bonds now since we are now getting what we paid our real life money for.
Give us vanilla OSRS servers updated since we get bad updates like Group Altman mode

19-Oct-2019 16:08:49

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