Jagex stop ignoring bots

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Zwaarding said:
what are the clear signs? i dont want to report a person whos not botting

Similar gear, level range, etc. But there is a good chance they could be a gold farmer who is doing it by hand.
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19-Oct-2019 03:08:01

cooke fletch

cooke fletch

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Why should they waste time getting rid of the bots when the bots will all disappear when the game dies. Stop being a entitled snowflake. If you want something in game, earn it rather than demand it be given to you.

19-Oct-2019 04:21:41



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For the last week or so I’ve seen same bots at falador rooftops. Report them with a couple of my accounts but they are still there. Not just those ones there are many on same course on many worlds. They all even look the same for the most part, so obvious. One of them even got agility pet on the course while I was running with... lame.

27-Oct-2019 03:26:24

36 9

36 9

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Personally id say try talk to them and make sure they are defiantly a bot first as many people play alt accounts or afk, some people also just dont like to talk and have there chat off.

But if your fairly certain its a bot make you report them and us as the community can only do what we can

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27-Oct-2019 21:59:57

GP FarmerDun

GP FarmerDun

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Is it really that bad? I don't play anymore, but all I see are people complaining left and right over it and videos showing them going rampant. Apparently, SirPuggers exposed how Raids can be botted now. It doesn't surprise me. PvM is fighting a computer program and I'm amazed that it hadn't been programmed sooner tbh. However, the mere thought of that sounds fucking ridiculous. Botting profits are now under control thanks to revs and Raids. :)

28-Oct-2019 00:06:25

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