Make rules about begging?

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Luákáe said:
Pasmo said:
ModáLee said:
I've unlocked this thread due to a misunderstanding.

Thank you, Mod Lee.

Back on topic - it seems the beggars have really picked up recently. Possibly the weather? They're almost as bad as the RNG bots.

Just put them on your ignore list and move on, simple as that.

and dont give me this "waaaahhh its glitched" You are the only one i seen so far that complained about a glitch.

You're tryna look for excuses to beg me for Twisted Bows and not get banned, let's be real.
Don't spite vote all PvP updates because of how frightened you are of PKers and then cry about how everything needs to be shoved in as integrity

10-Jun-2019 02:48:50

weston btw

weston btw

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Pasmo said:
has a rule been made?

i've been on total lvl worlds, but i care about my low level brethren

Unfortunately not. Thank you so much for being passionate about this issue!
I would much rather anyone PK in game than do so irl. If you wanna get it out, do it on an online platform please. I don't want anyone getting harmed physically. :(

10-Aug-2019 23:09:08

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Personally I don't think begging should be against the rules. Yes, it can be annoying but you can simply choose to ignore those players or add them to your ignore. I know you stated the ignore list is bugged. I have not experienced it bugging up any chat (other than removing the chat from the player being ignored).

If you would like to submit a bug report, you can right-click the report interface and select "Report Game Bug" and Jagex can take it from there. You also state that your ignore list is full, well once you have finished your interaction with a beggar, you can remove them from your ignore list and you're very unlikely to encounter them again. There's 400 slots, so that should be plenty. :P

I also have some question about the enforcement of this proposed rule. Any time you ask a player for something, they're able to justly report you? So if I'm at gargoyles and forgot my nature runes and ask, "Hey does anyone have any nats?" that's now a reportable offense?

At the very least, I'd think it would need to be persistent chat that spams the chat window-- e.g. asking for items for more than three lines. I still think it seems a bit silly for Jagex to go around dishing out offenses because someone asked for some free stuff, but that's just my two cents.

25-Nov-2019 03:14:54

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Begging isn't something I have an issue with, it's the ones that disguise as 'noobs' and try to play with the heartstrings of nice players. We know how if we see a new player that's slightly struggling, we as veteran players, give them some nice starter cash and some equipment.

But scammers have caught on and beg as if they are new players, which I have a big problem with, I'd like to find a way around to punishing these people as they do not need the gold, but are just playing people for their money.

25-Nov-2019 21:47:46

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