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I have spent multiple hours trying to find the contact information for Support, I can not locate the Ticket system, I can not locate a contact to Jagex to solve my problem without making this public. Somehow I can not contact Jagex to tell them unauthorized accounts are somehow linked to my registered email and for some reason I cant stop them and I have recently been hacked and Email changes and other things keep getting sent to my registered email under the Character name of Tuhrelll which is an account I no longer even have access to anymore(Mod Chelle can explain that) and its ridiculous that I cant get this to stop when I have 2FA and somehow another person can register their account to email I have changed all bits and pieces of my information on my account and.. Thanks Jagex for letting me contact you without making this public. Cool. This is also located under rants. BUT obviously a player has to go through EXTENSIVE lengths, LIKE THIS, to get any help around here. SO pardon me for being rude.

27-Oct-2019 23:01:47

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Hi 7Meliodas,

I understand you are frustrated however, doing this over the forums won't solve the problem. Your best bet is to follow the guides provided in the Support Page - Your Account

The guides here will provide you a step by step guidance into submitting a request for a review.

All the best.
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