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While Jagex will be providing us with a perfect reconstruction of the content as it was in 2007, it is up to us players, the community, to ensure an accurate representation of the game. In this thread I will detail various Dos and Don’ts of how to behave, communicate and interact with your fellow players in this remake, and thus bring to life the long dead specimen that is the 2007 community.

1) “Noob” is to be restored to its position as the highest insult available.

2) The threat of being reported is the utmost threat one can make.

3) Castlewars must be packed in all worlds, with everyone at all times spamming “@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@” or variants thereof.

4) Should one notice a player that has transformed into a bunny, imp or sheep in Castlewars, you must follow and enquire as to how to become a bunny/imp/sheep. The bunny/imp/sheep is entitled to relish their position as “the balls” and may make humourous quips as they please.

5) Catherby fishing spots are to be a forum for only the finest banter one can produce, be this singing, discussing the current Champion’s League game or any recent topical news story.

6) Should one wish to bot (shame on you!), one must subscribe to the required Botter’s look: bald with a goatee, and green shirt/ trousers.

7) Should one wish to scam (shame on you!), there are a number of scams available: popular scams involve removing an item before clicking accept, free gem cutting and free armour trimming.

8) New players are fully entitled to follow around anyone of a higher level around and demand “Free stuff plz” or variants thereof.

9) Whichever server is elected to be the trading server must be full at all times, and falador gardens must be packed to the point that the FPS makes the game resemble a slide show.

10) All high levels are to be referred to as a “PC prod”.

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11) The fornication-deprived amongst us may advertise their desire for a mate through means such as “Looking for gf” or “Press 123 to be my gf”.

12) The females/gender-confused males amongst our community may utilise the above advertisements as a means to acquire free stuff.

13) The price of unids (unidentified herbs, what later became grimy herbs) is 1k each and not a penny less.

14) Those who wear chainmail may be openly mocked (see rule #1) and/or stoned as they are inferior in every way to the plate armour wearers.

15) The Fremennik Trials quest requires a raw shark for completion. Nobody may happen to have one lying around their bank, and must therefore be seen standing in Catherby bank requesting to buy one for a minimum of 5k.

16) Each bank must have a minimum of one player advertising a bank sale.

17) If one grows tired of reciting the same trade offer over and over, one may add new life to their offer using devices such as “glow”, “wave” and “flash”.

18) If one sees another player advertising as above, they may ask how they did it, many times.

19) If one should happen to fail in the production of a trade advert as per rule #17, they may be openly mocked and/or stoned.

20) Every world must have at least one player teleporting to Camelot, over and over again.

21) Should one be attempting to sell an item, it is NOT acceptable to set the price as “offer”.

22) If one is attempting to buy a dragon chain (RRP 30m) or similarly expensive item, one must expect to be inundated with trade offers asking to see the cash stack.

23) In an argument one is fully entitled to brag about their level 150 main. That, or one may claim to be Zezima.

24) One may earn a respectable profit by stealing from the silk stall in Ardougne, however one must be wary to wait the appropriate length of time before one sells it back to the stall owner.This may be accompanied with a quip regarding the stall owner’s stupidity.

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25) Upon entry to any guild – notably the cook’s guild – one may deservedly regard oneself as “the balls”.

26) Those who have completed Troll Stronghold, and thus possess a law talisman, may rightly look down at the peasantry as they enjoy their priority law running from inside the altar.

27) While in the Brimhaven Agility Arena, one must yell 'Matrix!' when successfully passing the darts.

28) Should one find a player that does not know how to get to a particular location, one may offer one’s services as a taxi.

29) One may wear a full set of H.A.M robes and flaunt one’s fabulousness.

30) One must fear the level 6 mugger outside Aubury's rune shop.

31) One may successfully provoke irritation by repeatedly opening and closing a door.

32) One may get a job picking bananas on Karamja, and on receipt of 30gp, regard oneself as rich.

33) One may regard oneself as “the balls” on completion of dragon slayer and may subsequently flaunt one’s rune platebody.

34) One shall openly mock those male characters that wear a plateskirt instead of platelegs.

35) Any and all persons fishing at Karamja for lobsters must ask where the bank is.

36) On sight of “Dem be my fishies” one must run, as fast as one can, and never look back.

37) Should one see a player mod talk, one must enquire how he got to have a silver crown by their name.

38) Should one see a jagex mod, one must convey one’s amazement by spamming any letters that come to hand.

39) Should one journey into the dwarf mine, one may consider oneself “the balls” if one is of a high enough combat level that the scorpions are not aggressive.

40) One may be rightly confused when one receives goblin mail as a drop only to discover it is not real armour.

41) Should one require a law rune for teleportation, one may advertise this at a minimum price of 1k.

42) One must attempt to telegrab the ruby ring underneath Varrock West bank.

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43) One may laugh at those that fight the blue dragon under the Hero’s guild; they do not have sufficient gonads to venture into Taverly dungeon.

44) A couple may display their mutual affection by following each other and spinning in circles.

45) All achievements are to be celebrated with an exclamation of “w00t” from all those present.

46) Should one have completed Gertrude’s cat, one may have a kitten follow and regard oneself as “the balls”.

47) On sight of a player frantically attempting to purchase an antipoison, one shall refuse such pleas and then plunder the loot upon their death

48) One may wear member’s items, go to a f2p world and regard oneself as 'the balls'.

49) Should one stand in the same square as a cannon, one must remark 'I'm a cannon, boom!'.

50) One may gain entry to Al Kharid via the northern entrance and feel like “the balls” for having evaded the 10gp toll charge.

51) One is encouraged to place wool and a red bead on the table by the Catherby range and deceive the populace into believing it is a santa hat.

52) Should another player attack one’s rock crab, one may denounce the player a scoundrel and threaten as one sees fit. See rules #1, #2 and #23.

53) Any and all kills in the wilderness must be accompanied by a cacophony of “k0” from those spectating.

54) One shall gaze in awe at the dragon battleaxe’s special attack.

55) All players with a skillcape are expected to perform the emote upon request.

56) One may dance in return for GP.

57) One must reserve run energy before entering Varrock from the South such that one evades the attacks of the dark wizards.

58) When fishing on the northern Karamja docks, one may request a fire at a minimum price of 1k.

59) One shall observe players continually traversing the log balance at the Gnome Agility course and laugh at their stupidity.

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60) The team 46 cape is to be the most popular apparel. However, nobody may know why this is the case.

61) “Please” is to be immediately removed from the vocabulary of players. In its place one may instead say “plz” or “pl0x”.

62) If one spots a person sporting an item one desires, one may follow said person and ask “Buy your ____”. If said person is not willing to vend this item, the acceptable response is “nfs”.

63) One shall wear one’s fancy/ fighter boots with pride for these are a true sign one is “the balls”.

64) One shall wallow in despair at one’s burning of one’s first shrimp on tutorial island.

65) Should one be of an efficiency mindset, one may train up combat level 5 on tutorial island and regard oneself as 'the balls'.

66) One may assume the title of 'the balls' on completion of Merlin's Crystal and the subsequent first usage of Excalibur's special attack.

67) One shall attain a chuckle by performing the headbang emote next to a wall.

68) It is customary when another player gains a level to acknowledge this achievement with 'gratz'.

69) One shall be rightly confused as to why the level 5 goblin does not drop its spear.

70) On accomplishment of 37 prayer, one shall turn on protect from magic and strut one’s stuff around the land for this is the true mark of “the balls”.

71) If one wishes to watch duels, they are required to have 55 magic, and must form a line above the duels while alching.

72) One shall experiment briefly with the rune thrown-axe and javelin, before pondering the purpose of their existence in the game.

73) If a player should proclaim to be taking a video, all persons present must exclaim “Hi youtube!”

74) Numbers in names is henceforth acceptable again.

75) All videos taken of RS07 shall be taken with unregistered hypercam 2 in low quality. Any editing must be done in Windows Movie Maker.

I'm running out of space, sorry everyone! If enough rules can be thought up I may start an additional list in a later post.

Feel free to add me on 07scape!

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