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Jul Member 2019


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Hi, I've been playing for about a year or 2 now and never really bothered to join the forums, but I was kind of wondering some things and what people thought on the subject.

To introduce myself, I tried the game back in 2008 for a week and didn't really enjoy it. My friend 2 years or so ago~ recommended the game to me once more, but this time I started off as a UIM, ever since I've been playing as one and actually been enjoying the game, as long as I have someone to talk to of course.

I saw on the OSRS News that people were getting banned for the use of certain 3rd party clients and features in those clients. I so far know that a bit over 70% of the community uses 3rd party clients and I was wondering why exactly do people use it and what's your favorite feature.

I wont be promoting any clients since they're not really "accepted" by Jagex but I would like to point out a few features that I enjoy and wish they were implemented on the original client(not sure if some are, haven't really played much with the original)

I currently enjoy:
• Ground Items Text(I like to know what items are on the floor and the ability to highlight and remove the ones I don't actually care about, whenever I play on the phone I actually get annoyed cause I have to hold the screen in order to see what items are there and which I need to pickup as an UIM without having to search again)

• I also enjoy the ability to tell how much health a monster has(I like to keep on attacking a monster if I know I can kill it before it kills me, else I'll just escape instead of losing all my items)

• As for the last feature that I actually use the client for is to tell me the prices of the items on the floor(My main source of income is thieving and High Alching, I need to know how much money I'll be getting in order to know if it's worth using up my runes or not)

Those are the main reasons I use other clients, feel free to comment or add reasonings why. Hopefully people don't get pointless bans.

11-Oct-2019 23:45:04

GP FarmerDun

GP FarmerDun

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I use other clients, because they play the game for me. If they have something that the vanilla client doesn't, I don't care how overpowered it is. I'll use it just like I used the Inferno helper a fair bit. :) Botting profits are now under control thanks to revs and Raids. :)

11-Oct-2019 23:48:37

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