15 Years cape need to in OSRS

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Mai Bhalsych

Mai Bhalsych

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I'm sick of People making fun of me for having low Stats even though I'm a pure. Why aren't Veteran capes especially 15 year ones in OSRS? I know OSRS hasn't been around for that long, but A lot of people's accounts are over 10 Years old. Like at least recognize our accounts for the very first OG/REAL OLD SCHOOL PLAYERS

13-Jul-2019 02:58:56

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Support, but the game is only 7 years old so you would have to wait 8 years to wear it.
Also why post in RS3 forum about OSRS?
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13-Jul-2019 05:38:09

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Doesn't matter if OS hasn't been around that long (I don't even think it's close to 10 years old). Your account has to be exactly 15+ years old on the dot otherwise, to put it bluntly, if you can't get one you aren't eligible for a 15 year cape.

I've been playing this since RSC (AKA. the real old school) was the only version of this game, so I've also been playing since the very first day RS2 (AKA. RS3) was released. I have well and truely been playing this more than 15 years at this point. Why don't I have a 15 year cape yet? Because this is technically my third account; I had an RSC account, RS2 when it released required me to create another account from scratch and so I did then several years later it got hacked thus forced me to create this account.

Your accounts age is based on the day and year you created, You won't be eligible for a 15 year cape in a loooong time, even if they do add them.

It won't be until August next year that this account will finally be allowed to wear one - despite the facts regarding how long I've actually played. In fact it's this month, it might already be, my original RS2 account is eligible for the 15 yeara cape but the account is so shit (this account I'm posting with is pretty much almost fully maxed) I'd never actually use it. Out of curiousity I got it back a year or so ago, I don't think it has any 70 or 80 stats nevermind 90s.

13-Jul-2019 13:47:34

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Account age wasn't kept track of until February 2002, so your account age is counted from the first time you logged in on or after the day account age began being kept track of.

OSRS didn't exist until 2013, so it doesn't make sense to have a 15 year cape for a game that is only 6+ years old.

13-Jul-2019 15:33:21

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13-Jul-2019 20:30:12

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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I've hidden a post that has been spammed across several threads.


@Mai Bhalsych - I moved your thread to OSRS General.
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