99 slayer untrimmed? need help

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Rune Squat
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Rune Squat

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Hello. My account is 60 att 70 def 70 prayer.

Currently 90 range, 90 mage, 85 hp and 85 slayer

Im curious if it is possible for me to get 99 slayer before getting 99 hp so i can get the untrimmed skill cape, all while staying 60 att 70 def 70 prayer. i know i need to cannon range a lot. I'm still afraid that even if i hypothetically cannon to 98 range that i will still get 99 hp before 99 slayer from using strength and magic on the remainder of my slayer tasks. i want to know if this is possible before i commit to the long hard grind. However I don't know the exp rates that well and I'm bad with math. could someone help me calculate this?

10-Oct-2019 04:07:01

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Currently working on my 2nd Untrimmed Cape, although i don't have the original thanks to the wonderful way in which we have to keep our untrims.

So, you can get 5.2M slayer exp by the time you hit 99 Range/Mage. That's if youre currently at the low end of 90. That puts you at 94 Slayer. I don't know your Strength Level but you will hit 99 Strength before Slayer so you'll have to level Attack if you want the untrim cape.

You need to divide 13.9M experience between Attack/Str/Defence. So potentially if you're around 85 Strength which is a guess you'd be 98 in everything and 87-88 Attack.

So in short, no.

HP isnt the important thing here because you can always gain more Slayer than HP using Range. If you cannon every cannonable task you will hit Slayer first, but you'll have to level attack (or defence if you prefer that over attack).

It's tricky. You'd be 110 Combat if you do wish to get the cape. (111 once you make everything 99.)

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tw zombas
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tw zombas

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Cannons will give you 1 slayer xp per 1 damage that they hit without giving you hp xp.

If you were able to EXCLUSIVELY cannon all the way to 98.9 range you could get another like 6-7 million slayer xp without getting another hp level or without getting 99 range, which would put you around 95-96 slayer, 98 range, and still 85 hp.

It wouldn't be possible for your hp to catch up and i also think that unless you were trying to keep yourself at a specific defence level you could get 99 slayer without having to level anything else to 99.

id say yes doable but itll be expensive :)

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What is your str? Just curious. You did not mention it. I would say with you presently being 85 hp, you should be able to get untrimmed slayer. Just avoid doing too much mage or range (other than cannon).

11-Oct-2019 19:54:44

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