The Eyes of Glouphrie Bug

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Hello, I have recently encountered a bug on my account while completing the aforementioned quest. At the end of the quest you are required to kill 6 "evil creatures". One is right next to the NPC Brimstail, I left the cave to speak to the King and then killed the other 5 creatures. I re-entered the cave expecting to kill the sixth and final creature however it was gone. Things I tried to do to fix this issue have been;
-re enter the cave and also search the rest of the cave.
-search the areas where all of the other creatures were again.
-log in and out, also world hop.
-Talk to relevant NPC's in the quest to perhaps kickstart something.
-search the entire area the quest takes part in.

None have helped and I have found one person online to have the same problem but no-one offered a solution that worked.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, the quest took me a long time and I would hope to not leave empty handed.

Thank you,
Jake ( E kaj1)

12-Oct-2019 12:57:22

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