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Upon switching from maple short bow to rune 2h, my account gained attack xp that was caused by the unintended xp bug/hot fix that went out in February. My account has yet to be fixed and should’ve been identified when the initial fix went out. Using Crystal math labs for data tracking/validation, it is clear that my account was affected when viewing xp gained on the date of the change. To further explain this, my account is a maxed gmaul pure with 15 prayer (almost 99 magic still). Unintended/unwanted xp is only in 3 skills, prayer/attack/defense. Looking at the XP gained above intended max level in defense(1), prayer (15) and attack(50), the amount of XP gained in attack to go from level 50-51 Shows the obvious outlier.

Crystal math labs verifying causation:


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It's currently not possible to rollback stats or xp in OS!
If you really care about your account then always double check or triple check the attack style!
You can also read this for fun!
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29-Oct-2019 13:40:38

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