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There was never a vote for 6h afk. IF there was prove it. You cant because there was an integrity survey. It was to determine where a compromise should be. They wanted to know how people consider afk to be integrity. IF the super majority wanted it to be removed, it would have been. IF the super majority wanted it to remain, it would have. Instead it was close to 50/50, so they CHOOSE to put it like it is, half way between. People could not do it while they were sleeping (which was the major complaint) but they could still splash.

No one spite voted the armor. The jmods spited the game like little children because they did not get their way. We told them we did not want our armor value destroyed and they "gave their word" that it would not happen. What would prevent it? Their "word" which was about as valued as the hot air they expelled from their asses when they said it.

The only way to prevent the armor from destroying the value of other armor was to block it from anywhere but pvp. That would have been simple to do. Just make it act like steel outside pvp areas. They have done that before.

But that would have meant that the price would drop rapidly and rev killers would not get 2 mil per hour.
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Same shit. You think their opinions would've been any different if it was an actual poll? You don't sympathize with people who are obviously not giving a shit about game integrity. I mean if you wanna support that, it explains why you're in such strong support of revs statuettes since you know, "some wanted it nerfed and the supermajority just wanted the free easy money that revs provides". Oh wait, never mind.

It obviously wouldn't have devalued PvP armors. They knew that the spite voters lacked the intelligence to comprehend this. We've been over this enough times. I'm not repeating myself. If you lack the intelligence to comprehend why those armors wouldn't have devalued anything, then you should shut up and listen to those who know better. If you comprehend that, then admit how spiteful you're being.

They blocked its usefulness outside of the wilderness. You guys still spite voted it. The only solution was to force something ten times worse down your throat. How bad do you guys need to be punished before you learn your lesson? You're not allowed to just harass the PKers and get away with it. The best part is that with the next batch of wilderness revs uniques, you were given another final chance to refrain from spite voting them. You guys continued your belligerent behavior and that's what pissed the JGods off and forced them to keep statuettes.

In the end, revs makes like 4-5m/hr rofl. I'm sure the gold farmers who sit there 24/7 are loving it.
Draft dodger btw. Too scared to attack an enemy that tried to harm my loved ones so "I only learned to defend". Typical boomer born right after the era where my parents suffered the solitude of WWII, deprivation of the Great Depression while I never had to suffer jack or risk a thing. :)

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