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Recruitment new EUropean pvm/social clan ‘warcry cc’.

Hello everyone, welcome to my recruitment. As a new, fresh clan we have big goals and dreams, which you can help us to achieve! Because a clan is nothing without it’s clan members!

What are our goals and dreams?

For starters we want you to have the best runescape experience. Being in a clan can and will make you have a more fun and generally better experience than going through everything alone. Even if it’s just for chatting with others /asking for help if you are struggling with something and of course making new friends!

Secondly we want to PvM , make bank accomplish our own set goals. This with help of others. We want to see you gain and accomplish YOUR goals and dreams. If you like bossing and pvming we are the clan for you.

Third and last for now because there are hundreds of reasons why we want you... There's so many aspects of the game that are enjoyable with a team that consistently grinds the things you want to grind. Because I assume a lot have set the same goals as yourself. Which makes it easier to find daily teams.

Why do we want you?

Because you are the best! And we want you to become the superbest! We are looking for active players in discord and clan chat. People who like to boss and like to PvM, who love a little friendly competition with skill of the week or boss off the week.

How can you contact us?

You can join our clan chat : warcry cc
You can join our discord:

We hope to see you in our clan!

Kind regards,
Warcry cc ,moderator staff. @Miss N, @FlippingBong .

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