Alching within MTA Telekinetic

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Sin of Fe

Sin of Fe

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As we know, Mage Training Arena is used within OSRS to unlock premium magic gear/use and train our magic level through the minigame. I find it a nuisance that I cannot train my magic level high-alching whilst completing the telekinetic room.

I understand why alching our own items isn't allowed in the alchemist room. I understand alching would be ill-suited for the graveyard room. I understand why alching isn't allowed in the enchanters room. I do not understand why alching is disallowed in the Telekinetic room.

I am losing out on time/magic training efficiency without the use of alching within the Telekinetic room. I do think this would be a premium use of the room, as I am within a redundantly named Magic Training Arena... Please update this piece of content so that we may efficiently train our magic level whilst going through the most tedious magic content in the game for our upgrades!

Sin of Fe

23-Sep-2019 03:53:25

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