Multiple spellbooks at once

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Mar Member 2014


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We should have access to all spellbooks at once. This would be great for pking. If it's too tedious to switch, we should add an action bar to put all of our spells on. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

22-Oct-2019 11:22:42



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Support only because it'd help PKers kill skillers and PvMers inside of the wilderness. I don't give a flying or walking or even crawling fuck how much it breaks everything else in the game. If you're going to try to flame someone for leeching Raids, please make sure that the rumor is true and that you aren't one of those nubnubs with 1 CoX KC that you leeched for diaries and no one wanted to even give you the resource loot for.

22-Oct-2019 15:58:49

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