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I don't know about everyone else but I think it would be cool to have a different side in rs seeing as how large and full the rs world is.
A card game would give a different aspect to rs instead of the usual combat or skilling.

A card game minigame basically involving all npc's and monsters using the runescape stat system attk, def, str, hits.
Certain ranking cards can have special abilities etc.
Magic range and prayer can be used as support cards.

There can be an option to right click and challenge card game much like duelling.
The winner can pick 1 card out of 5 hidden cards from loosers deck.
Card players will have a ranking lvl judged by the average card level of their deck.
Each monster/ npc in rs will drop their own card (drop rate decreasing the higher the lvl).
Booster packs can be obtained by treasure trails and extremely rare drops.

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