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Thanks for this Ronan.

A possible Coinshare Solution.

When a team gets a drop automatically have the drop sell on the Grand Exchange, and the coins generated from the exchange would be divided between the players using coinshare.

If the mechanics are possible this can eliminate the wealth creation from out of now where.

A Possible Solution for introduction of Ivy

Introduce Ivy, But also introduce an ELF next to the Ivy spots which you will be required to pay 25-50 coins for each ivy you chop, if this is appealing you could have an option to pay the elf for increments of 100,500, and 1,000 ivys ( minimum 2.5k coins for 100, 12.5kcoins for 500, and 25k for 1000) if 50 coins (5k for 100, 25k for 500 and 50k for 1000).

This will help get rid of some coin wealth created in the game daily.

Suggestion for a Balanced Economy? Maybe


Community Service Coins

So this idea came to mind after suggesting the above idea.

Create a well of Community Service where players can get rid of items/coins.

when a player gets rid of an item the total amount of wealth they got rid of will now appear on a brand new leader board that will rank you based on the total amount of coins or value of items in coins you dumped into the well.

Also I would like to Suggest adding icons next to players names.
These icons would Resembles a Crown (like the ones player moderators have) but the exception is with a symbol of stack of coins in the middle ( instead of the M for Moderator.

The Symbols would be given to the Top 100 donators for the Month. These Crowns would be Green to represent the Green cash stack/items they dumped into the well and golden stack of coins in the middle of the crown.

I believe this will help keep our economy stable and make it competitive to donate.

In addition to rankings special crowns to the

thanks lads and regards,

Titus Marius

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