Equip skillcapes in F2p!

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Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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x Madison x said:
I wanted this to be a discussion, your reply was very blunt :P may I ask what your reason is for not supporting it & why it should be strictly P2p?

Due to the fact that most of the sellers are p2p and they have p2p stats.
Draco Burnz
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03-Sep-2019 21:21:21

Etienne II
Feb Member 2018

Etienne II

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As long as you're only allowed to equip skill cape that refer to a free to play skill, I don't see why not.

However, this being said, I wouldn't give access to member area either, meaning, if the NPC who give the strength cape is located in a member only area he should remain there and his cape should, therefore, remain member only.
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03-Sep-2019 22:14:43

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xxqw56chxx said:
Kegs said:
If we can't have a wear option on skillcapes that are a F2P skill, then we shouldn't be able to do any of the skillcape emotes when they're being worn in F2P. (TO BE FAIR)


Don't see why this isn't already a thing TBH.

Seems like simple logic.

I know right, lol..

05-Sep-2019 21:06:45

Revenant Cat

Revenant Cat

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Well you can always become a member and keepsake it. That way it's cosmetic.

Other than moving the people to F2p areas I don't really see a good solution to this. Would be a boon to f2p certainly though.
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22-Oct-2019 21:39:18

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I think if it's for a F2P skill it makes a lot of sense, you deserve to show off for your long term dedication to the game.

Not sure where all the sellers are for the capes and if they're in members areas - moving them to a F2P location might throw people off.

23-Oct-2019 18:24:22

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