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Dec Member 2019


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Should really have the option to move prayer book and spec bar and spell book over to the right side of the screen so you can switch prayers faster and spells faster that way we can actually PK on mobile and make it more convenient and accessible for mobile platforms. Because the current system doesn't lend itself to dangerous play especially on hardcore ironman.

13-Sep-2019 13:22:00

Jul Member 2018


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Yeah they need to add more tabs on the right to make it more easier to access. It would help with pk and pvm. It be cool to match it like regular rs3. The layout was somewhat confusing and took time for me to get used to. Can we get more tabs like prayer, settings or a summon tab on the right of the screen to access easier in a fight. It just makes it harder to boss. It would make it similar to the actual game. It would help a lot more people.

14-Sep-2019 20:48:55

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