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Hi for a long time I have heard people talk about wanting to have some kind of hunting minigame as well as people wanting a newer type of runecraft method for training. I was wondering if Runespan could be an integration of both dependant upon eachothers level and more interactive than it used to be to prevent bot hoarding. Point rewards could consist of Runecraft experience, Hunting experience, Runes (higher tier runes cost more points), a new hunting net, Runecraft/Hunting clothing that increases xp rewarded. This could unlock a new pouch size or a pouch sack that can hold all other runecraft pouches in 1 slot. Another reward could be a Hunting crate, that also takes up 1 slot, but can hold multiple bird traps/box traps.

That's just an idea, a lot of people seem to miss runespan and stealing creation and I think maybe a mix or Re-Poll for everything would be great, include short clips to show what the minigame is like during poll so people have an idea.

Thanks for your time.

19-Oct-2019 15:24:57

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