Barrows loot broadcast OSRS

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Seed Of Dee
Oct Member 2015

Seed Of Dee

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hey all, just a small suggestion, how about like konars chest loot broadcast in game we do something like that on the barrows chest so in game players around can see loot and congrats players on a drop? be pretty cool

thanks and keep grinding <3

23-Oct-2019 20:58:15



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Could cause issues with pvp worlds
a player could sit there and wait for another player to earn x reward
teleblock and kill him.

besides it was implemented in rs3 which seems annoying especially when its a player on the oppiste side of runescape earning a skill or a item drop.

No support (just my opinion tho)

maybe a clan broadcast would work for those in clans or following a players progress.

23-Oct-2019 21:46:45

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